June 25, 2011
Wow mom stuff: starting today.

Yesterday we spend a day in Arnhem and visited the Mode Biënnale.
Fashion talent, designers, shops and cool buildings: an event worth visiting.
The main exposition was situated in an abandoned factory and that makes it all so much more interesting. Not only the fashion itself, but also the surrounding was amazing.
The main exhibition was very nice. New up coming designers and graduation students, but also some of the industries most renowned designers where present: a Jill Sander neon skirt, the best Prada collection ever and a hairy piece by Maison Martin Margiela. The neon skirt came visit me in my dreams last night. So very wow and combined with a simple white T-shirt. Breathtaking.
Some very nice porcelain was at display, that immediately made us think of the Mad Man atmosphere. Great colours and shapes, made by Lenneke Wispelwey.
Spijkers & Spijkers had their very own exhibition and we spend time just absorbing these beautifully made dresses. The parrot dress is one of our favourites.
Walking around in Arnhem was a well earned trip. After weeks of stress
(one of us is having her kitchen being rebuild and the other was being plagued by this damn tendonitis) we needed a nice day out of the office, the home and the city. No internet or phone, just walking, looking, being inspired and enjoying each others company.

Here is a mini-compilation.
The Arnhem Mode Biënnale is open to the public until July 3.

And if you are wondering, what does this have to do with kids?
Well, it pleases mom.